Modern laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment is an important element of any research laboratory. High-quality and multifunctional devices significantly simplify the work of people. In order to improve work efficiency, you need to pick the best equipment.

Biological safety cabinets allow you to isolate pathogenic reagents and ensure a safe working process at all stages. Due to the closed loop, all employees can not worry about airborne pollution. Lab equipment supplies are very important thing for every laboratory.

Vertical laminar flow cabinets make it possible to achieve a sterile working environment. This is not a complete protection from hazardous materials. This device serves to maintain sterility and a comfortable working environment. Thanks to the multifunctional design, such technological solutions are very convenient.

 Fume hoods are convenient for isolating and eliminating toxic substances and dissipating various toxic fumes. Personnel can work without fear of chemical damage. This is very convenient for centers working with hazardous reagents.

Sometimes a laboratory needs a simple and sterile cabinet for storing clothes or non-dangerous bacterial cultures. Such boxes are easy to use and allow you to keep clothes clean and sterile.

Our company produces a huge amount of all kinds of laboratory equipment. We also create special sterile zones to isolate the working space to prevent the ingress of foreign elements. This helps when working with the most important projects.

No equipment is complete without accessories. We produce a large number of universal components that will allow organizing the workflow. You can count on high quality equipment for laboratory. We value our reputation. That is why we have first-class quality control.

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