First class biological safety cabinet

Biological safety cabinet is an integral part of every laboratory. This type of equipment allows you to work with contaminated biological materials. Due to the hermetic closed loop design, personnel can work with reagents without harm to health and the environment. Laboratory staff may not worry about the release of aerosols.

Biosafety clean air cabinet is very important part of the lab. HEPA filters effectively handle fine particle filtration. This contributes to the purification of air from various microorganisms, reagents and harmful components. Depending on the destination, there are three types of equipment. The division concerns personnel, product and environment.

This allows you to protect personnel, work environment and work product. This is the key task of any laboratory.

Our company creates advanced laboratory solutions. Each design is hermetic and consists of the best materials. Employees of any laboratory can rely on protection and comfortable working conditions. Thanks to the cleaning of the working environment, each workflow is protected.

Our equipment passed all required specifications and checks. Each laboratory can purchase our products to improve working conditions. We use various methods for testing boxes. This reduces the risk of manufacturing defects. Our products are suitable for various manufacturing and research industries.

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