Modern laminar airflow cabinet

Laminar airflow cabinet is one of the important elements in many laboratories. This is a great option for creating a working space for research and work with non-hazardous substances. Special HEPA filters trap small particles. This allows you to maintain a sterile working environment.

Each airflow cabinet is suitable for comfortable work and many branches of production. Micromechanics, electronics medicine and optics need such equipment. Comfortable working environment simplifies the operation of any laboratory.

Such equipment is ideal for controlled experiments with non-hazardous substances. Such a device allows you to achieve an antibacterial environment. The air circulation system maintains the purity of the surrounding space.

The working surface is protected by special glass. This element does not impair visibility. Each worker can rely on personal protection. Complete with the similar equipment it is possible to add various accessories. This will expand the functionality of the workspace.

Our company produces high-quality equipment that is appreciated in many countries. We test every item and guarantee quality. Constant improvements in equipment make it possible to achieve better results. Customers can choose equipment with a horizontal and vertical exhaust hood. Workflow can be greatly improved. Such equipment allows you to organize perfect working conditions.

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